On Friday, October 18, 2002 the international expert Robert Neimeyer will lead a half-day (09:00-12:00) pre-conference workshop on meaning reconstruction and the experience of loss. Separate subscription, together with your registration, is necessary and costs 49,00 (Euro). Minimum participation is set at 10 enrolments.


Death, especially traumatic death, poses significant challenges for survivors, challenges that may linger long after the vivid emotional impact of the loss has faded. This workshop explores the experience of loss as a deep invalidation of the personal premises upon which life is lived and presents grief therapy as a process of meaning reconstruction. We will begin by sketching a constructivist model of the human quest for meaning, and then consider the many ways in which bereavement and other forms of trauma and loss perturb and sometimes fragment the narrative structure of our lives. Viewing loss and healing through this constructivist lens will suggest several novel procedures for assessing those personal and family meaning systems into which losses of assimilated (e.g., interview methods, loss characterizations) as well as procedures for accommodating these systems to the harsh realities of loss. The overarching goal of these methods is to help the individual identify a core of self-consistency and, at the same time, discover dimensions of transition brought about by the loss that might catalyze future growth and restoration of stability. Participants will have the opportunity to observe models of constructivist interventions through videotaped session excerpts as well as to experiment with novel procedures in the workshop itself.

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