Immediately following SICDS a two-week Post-Conference Course on Valuation theory and the Self-Confrontation Method (SCM) will be held in Nijmegen if there is sufficient interest.
Minimum participation is set at 10 enrolments.

This course has a twofold aim: in two weeks' time you will acquire the basic skills to work with the SCM in your own psychological research or practice, and after a period of supervision by mail you can obtain a license to start a training in SCM and valuation theory in your own country. A 'train the trainer' approach.

The design of the course will be both scientifically and practically oriented. The course will take two full weeks. The weekend in-between may serve as an excellent opportunity to get to know The Netherlands a bit better (e.g. a visit to Amsterdam) and / or to deepen the exploration of Belgium. You can also stay at the training center if that is what you prefer; your room will remain at your disposal.

Separate inquiries about course content, registration, costs or any other information you require should be addressed to:

SCM Foundation
P.O. box 31427
6503 CK Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Tel / Fax: + 31 - 24 - 355.97.64