Tomasz Gajda
Catholic University of Lublin, Poland




The poster presents an attempt to compare the narrative framework by H.J.M. Hermans, referring to Bakhtinian notion of multivoicedness, with J. Lacan's reinterpretation of Freud's psychoanalysis. On the basis of this comparison the significant notion of the decentered self in the development of both theories is concluded. From Hermans' perspective, the self is not a substantial entity, but a complex network of differing subject positions. His metaphor of intra-individual 'imaginal landscape' of relatively autonomous, voiced I-positions provokes to juxtapose it with Lacan's distinction between the ego ('moi') and the subject ('sujet'). Examination of Lacanian theory, regarding central issues of his imaginary and symbolic registers, seems to clarify Hermans' assumptions concerning the emergence of subjectivity. The 'external-internal positions' (Hermans) / 'moi-autre' (Lacan) distinctions highlights the relational qualities of subjectivity.