Ole Dreier
University of Copenhagen, Department of Psychology, Denmark





Based on case materials from a study of family therapy (Dreier, 2000) I shall argue that clients deal with the troubles for which they attend therapy in different ways in different places. This is understandable against the background of the ways in which they conduct their lives by taking part in and moving across diverse social contexts with different social relations and co-participants (Dreier, 1999). In order to accomplish this, persons must develop adequate self-understandings about their conduct in life, including how and where they address their troubles and make use of their therapy. This analysis links the dialogical notion of the self to the structure of a person's social practice and to the way in which persons conduct their lives and pursue their concerns by taking part in different social practices.


Dreier, O. (1999). Personal trajectories of participation across contexts of social practice. Outlines: Critical Social Studies, 1, 5-32.

Dreier, O. (2000). Psychotherapy in clients trajectories across contexts. In: Ch. Mattingly & L. Garro (Eds.), Narrative and the cultural construction of illness and healing (pp. 237-258). Berkeley: University of California Press.