Elzbieta Chmielnicka
Catholic University of Lublin, Department of Clinical and Personality Psychology, Poland





Role-Playing Game (RPG) is a kind of activity in which dialogical properties of the self are revealed. The Self-Confrontation Method enables not only to study meanings located around the position of role-player and the one of role-play hero but it also gives the possibility to open cooperation between them. The research project focused on these phenomena leading to the following questions: Under what conditions does internal dialogue with imaginal figures from RPG lead to developmental change? Why don't some role-players want to use RPG to modify their own self-narratives, although the narratives of their heroes develop? Is there any correspondence between heroes' characteristics and players' (1) openness to juxtapose experiences belonging to both voicing positions or (2) players' tendency to keep them isolated? Examples of change of self-narratives in the course of confrontation with role-play hero will be presented.