The accommodation is being taken care of by Travel Club, an agency in Ghent specializing in international conferences. Travel Club asks participants to ARRANGE their ACCOMMODATION ONLINE through the agency's website. At the bottom of this page, you find a link to Travel Club's website.

If not settling your accommodation online, you should completely fill in the accommodation form enclosed in the second announcement and return it to Travel Club.

You only have an official room reservation after receipt of payment (of at least one night). The outstanding bill has to be squared prior to your arrival. A confirmation of your accommodation will be sent. It is advisable to arrange your accommodation as soon as possible. Rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Travel Club will take into account your first and second choice as much as possible but if your preferred hotel is not available anymore, they will suggest alternate accommodation. In the unlikely event that you do not show up, no refund is provided.

The hotels having allocated single and double rooms to the conference belong to different price categories so you get an optimal choice in relation to your budget. For the full information on hotels and prices you are referred to Travel Club's website where you can also arrange your accommodation online.


Address: Travel Club
             Congress Dept.
             J. Eggermontstraat 12
             B - 9050 Ghent
             Phone: + 32 - 9 - 230.40.40
             Fax:    + 32 - 9 - 231.75.88
             (please use E-MAIL as standard means of communication)