Here is a collection of key links related to the living wage campaigns.  There are countless others that you can search but I thought this was more than enough to get you started.

This is one of the labor pages interested in living wage.

An argument in favor of living wage written from a faculty member of a Jesuit College.

This think tank tends to have a more liberal bent and it favors a living wage.

This is ACORN's site.  ACORN is a collection of community organizers who have pushed for this around the country at the grassroots level.

This site is the think tank of the restaurants association of america.  Do you think they would favor a living wage?

This was the report from a symposium they had on campus regarding a living wage.  It was very thorough and included religious and ethical teaching regarding it.

Not all business leaders are against the living wage.

I thought Swarthmore's development of a web site for this issue on their campaign was a good idea and we might want to think about the same.

This is the web site for Syracuse's Living Wage campaign.

An article about the development of the living wage movement

This is Harvard's web site.

This is a manual that United for a Fair Economy put together for campuses interest in a living wage campaign.

This site represents an interest at the national level rather than the local level.

This site focuses on Nike, but it has quotes from Catholic Social Teaching.