Sample quiz and final examination questions are posted here.


Make-up Quiz Policy: Any quizzes which have been missed must be made up during the final exam. Students may also retake up to four quizzes on the final exam and use the grades they receive on those to replace the grades they received on the corresponding quizzes during the semester. If they retake a quiz on the final examination, then the grade they receive then will replace the quiz grade whether it was higher or lower.

You may not take a quiz and then leave class for the day. If you do so, the quiz will not count.

Sample quiz questions are below

Question from Chapter 2: According to Albanese (Defining and Analyzing Crime) what is the best predictor of adult criminality?  Explain.

Question from Chapter 11: According to Albanese, (Probation, Community Corrections and Reentry), what are “day fines?”  What is the advantage?  Explain.

Question from other reading: According to Levy (“Annals of Justice: The Price of a Life”) John Kogut confessed to participating in the rape and murder of Theresa Fusco even though he was not guilty.  Explain.

Sample mid-term and final exam questions are below

Question on Police and Policing: What is the most common form of police contact with the public?  Why is this important?

Question on Incarceration and Its Alternatives: What are the principal factors that determine whether an offender is granted parole.

Final Long Question: Explain the role of race in the criminal justice system.  Make sure you discuss law enforcement, criminal trials, corrections, and juvenile delinquency.  Discuss historical as well as contemporary issues and provide examples.