book coverChurches are facing a crisis.  For the first time in history, there are more non-Christians than Christians in America.  Yet despite this fact, many churches have been reluctant to make use of basic marketing techniques toattract and maintain membership.

Marketing Your Church is a practical resource and guide for hurch leaders, administrators, and laity, who want to better allocate their limited resources to provide the types of services that their congregations are looking for.

Considine examines the usual objections to church marketing, responding to these with both sensitivity and clarity.  He then points out specific benefits to be derived from utilizing proven marketing techniques.

Certain marketing techniques have worked very well for non-profit as well as for-profit organizations, and these can also enable churches to identify and accomplish specific goals that will not only attract new members, but also help churches reach out to the community and benefit society.

John J. Considine is Professor of Business Administration at LeMoyne College, Syracuse,NY and earned his Ph. D. in Marketing from Syracuse University. He has written several articles on church marketing and has over forty published articles in national marketing journals.

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  1. Marketing - What Is It?

  2. Defining a Marketing-Oriented Church                                                                                                                        

  3. Market Segmentation for Churches

  4. Marketing Research for Churches

  5. Developing a Marketing Plan for Churches

  6. Product, Place, and Price Issues for Churches

  7. Promotional Decisions for Churches

  8. Direct Mail: An Appropriate Strategy for Churches

  9. Attracting Baby Boomers to the Church

  10. Benefits for a Marketing-Oriented Churches