A Software Engineering Information Model, based on the Building Construction Industry


The building construction industry is a mature industry that has demonstrated the use of historical project data, especially cost data, on current projects. In contrast, software engineering projects struggle to find an estimation approach that produces consistent results. A software engineering information model (SEIM) is proposed, and is based on the experiences of the building construction industry. Specifically, the MasterFormatTM and its related classification schemes, and recent work on developing an object-model of construction information are the basis for the SEIM. The SEIM emphasizes techniques and products (i.e., deliverables) as the preferred structure for the management of software engineering information. This structure lends itself to keeping historical cost data analogous to the construction industry's use of MasterFormatTM. In addition, techniques and products are categorized using generic SDLC phases, allowing other types of software engineering measurements to be captured and used.

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Last updated on July 29, 2002.