An Analysis of Semi-structured Data Schema Approaches


The World Wide Web provides a labyrinth of resources easily navigable by humans. The context of the links traversed is closely related to our ability to decipher meaning between subtle but important differences in the use of a word or phrase. A vision for a future web includes the ability of a computer to decipher meaning within a specific context or knowledge domain. Current research is focusing on a set of web-enabled languages that will allow future web pages to contain the context or meaning of the information being displayed. These languages are attempting to provide both structure and meaning (schema and semantics) to semi-structured data. Do these languages provide the infrastructure needed to have the future web become a reality? Can we develop languages that accurately describe the schema and semantics of web-based information? Will common database theory and techniques, especially query processing, be able to leverage this future vision for the web?

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Last updated on February 17, 2003.