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Exploring Statistics with SPSS

Exploring Statistics with SPSS is a laboratory manual designed to accompany Workshop Statistics. At Le Moyne we have a four credit introductory course in statistics for biology and social science majors that contains a laboratory component where students are given experience in dealing with complex data sets. The laboratory manual describes how to perform tasks in SPSS and then applies them to data provided by the client departments that are representative of the type of data that students will encounter in their major courses. The manual is available in PDF format by clicking the link below. The data sets in SPSS .sav files and the SPSS scripts that accompany them are available in .ZIP files. Click below in order to download them.

SPSS Lab Manual.PDF (713K) contains the SPSS Laboratory Manual in PDF format.

DATA.ZIP (81K) contains the data sets in SPSS data sets.

SCRIPTS.ZIP (24K) contains the SPSS scripts. They have been checked to be compatible with Release 11 or later of SPSS.