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Workshop Statistics: SPSS Companion Manual

The SPSS Companion Manual is a guide to using SPSS manual designed to accompany Workshop Statistics. When students are asked to use technology in the core text, the Companion Manual describes how to perform the requested operation in SPSS. The Companion Manual is written to be compatible with Release 11 or later of SPSS. The Companion Manual is available from Key College Publishing. It has an ISBN of 1-931914-69-9. It can also be bundled with Workshop Statistics. The data sets in SPSS .sav files and the SPSS scripts that accompany them are available in .ZIP files. Click below in order to download them. In addition, if later releases of SPSS change how certain tasks are performed, revised instructions will be posted here.

DATA.ZIP (208K) contains the data sets in SPSS data sets.

SCRIPTS.ZIP (7.55K) contains the SPSS scripts. They have been checked to be compatible with Release 11 or later of SPSS.

Solutions to the in-class activities and the homework activities can be found at the following links. The solutions to the homework activities are for instructors only and are password protected.

Homework Activities

In-Class Activities

As later releases of SPSS appear there may be changes in some of the procedures for certain activities in the Companion Manual. They may be obtained using the link(s) below.

Activity 3-5 in Release 12

In addition, as errors are found in the Companion Manual, they will be listed below.

Activity 16-9:  When running BINSAMPLE.SBS, you need to open an empty data view and create an empty variable x.