Latin manuscripts from the Moravian Archives in Bethlehem, PA

Updated 4/15/96

The Moravian Archives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania house a unique collection of 17th and 18th century Latin manuscripts in both prose and poetry. Most have never been examined; nor has a systematic overview ever been undertaken. The objective of this project is to address scholarly inattention to this valuable resource by locating, editing, translating and publishing suitable examples with notes and commentary. The organizing principle for these activities is to evaluate these texts both within the cultural matrix of contemporary Moravian society and within the Classical Tradition.

Currently examined manuscripts:
Document box 258F:mostly poems of Christian Wedsted (1720-1757)
Wedsted 1: a poem of piety for Zinzendorf
Wedsted 2: poetry on teaching and learning (to Jewel)
Wedsted 3: a birthday poem to Rusmeyer
Wedsted 4: a poetic plea to Rusmeyer
Wedsted 5: "the garden of salvation" for Heil
Wedsted 6: a dream retold to Hasse
Wedsted 7: a poem of the Creation for Scholler
Wedsted 8: a poem of encouragement to Steinhauer
Wedsted 9: to Laux
Wedsted 10: a birthday poem to Brandt
Wedsted 11: a birthday poem to Erasmus(?)
Wedsted 12: a birthday poem to Zinzendorf
Wedsted 13: a birthday poem to Spangenberg
Wedsted 14: a poem of W's journey (Zinzendorf)
Wedsted 15: to Johannes on the death of Renatus(?)
Wedsted 16: on the birthday of Jan Block
Wedsted 17: on smoking tobacco

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