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PSY 355 Psychology & Media in the Digital Age

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The Neuropsychology of Media • I (Outline)

The Impact of Techno-Digital Media on Human Cognition & Mental Activity

Segmented (Bimodal or Divided) Sleep {W}
A. Roger Ekrich (Dept. of History, Virginia Tech)
   Day & Night   A
                  traveller attacked at night
  • Nighttime before the Industrial Revolution
  • Patterns of Sleep in the Pre-Industrial Era (Ekirch, 2001, 2005)
  • Circadian Rhythm

SCNVisible light 
  • Changes brought by the Industrial Revolution & Techno-Digital Culture
    • Indoor Lighting (Pauley, 2004)
Lighting types
    • Shiftwork {W}
    • Transatlantic Travel {W} & Jetlag
    • Entertainment & Communication Media & Light

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