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How well do you know psychology already?
Take 10-item True/False "Conceptions of Psychology" quiz which has questions taken from many different areas of psychology.

Score Quiz (Fr. Hevern will provide the right answers)

Discuss results and implications of quiz

The 5 Most Important Concerns & Trends in Psychology
since World War II

1. Emergence of Clinical & Applied Psychology as Professions after World War II
2. Booming Interests in
  • How We Think (= Cognitive Psychology)
  • The Relationship between Brain & Behavior (= Physiological Psychology)
3. Psychology Opens Up to the Whole World: The Move to Cultural Diversity in Research

[World Population
4. The Emergence of Evolutionary Psychology
  • 1953 Crick & Watson Discover DNA molecule structure

  • 1970s EO Wilson proposes sociobiology
[E O Wilson]   [DNA Molecule]
5. Psychology Moves in a Positive Direction
  • Positive Psychology
  • Martin Seligman & others

[Seligman @ APA 2007]

Fields of Psychology: What do psychologists do?

[Employment Settings]