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Conceptions of Psychology: A Short Quiz

Read each statement below and decide whether you think it is true or false.

1. To change people's behavior toward members of ethnic minority groups, research has shown that we must first change their attitudes.

2. Recent studies have shown that, by feeling people's faces, blind people can accurately visualize how they look in their minds.

3. Children memorize much more easily than adults do.

4. Unlike humans, the lower animals are motivated only by their bodily needs--hunger, thirst, sex, etc.

5. Similar to the effect that exercise has upon building up your muscles, the more you force yourself to memorize by rote (e.g., poems), the better you will become at memorizing.

6. The best way to ensure that a desired behavior in an animal will persist after training is completed is to reward the behavior every single time it occurs during the training periods (rather than just intermittently).

7. Fortunately for babies, human beings have a strong maternal instinct.

8. By giving a young baby lots of extra stimulation (e.g., mobiles and musical toys), we can markedly increase his or her intelligence.

9. Boys and girls exhibit no behavioral differences until environmental influences begin to produce such differences.

10. The high correlation between cigarette smoking and lung cancer proves that smoking causes lung cancer.