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Mood Disorders

Central Issues: Disturbances in Emotion
(Sadness or Me
lancholy vs. Elation & Excitement)

Some Recent Statistics

  Percentage Antidepressant Rxs
[Depressive Episodes US 2011]

The Dual Face of Mood Disturbance

[Bipolarity in mood disorders]

Affective-Emotional Symptoms
Cognitive Symptoms
Motor & Physiological Symptoms

1. Major Depressive Disorder (Unipolar)

A. Onset & Course

B. Prevalence

2. Bipolar Disorder: "pure" bipolar disorder (traditional) &
         "subthreshold bipolar disorders" (very recent)

A. Onset & Course

B. Prevalence

Etiology (Causes) of Mood Disorders

Genetic Vulnerabilities 

Psychological Vulnerabilities 


Precipitating Factors: Stress


lead to

[Synaptic Cleft]Seligman
1. Neurochemical/Biological Problems   +
2. Cognitive Problems   +
3. Interpersonal Problems
lead to
Mood Disorders


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