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Consciousness and Sleep

Have you ever been "unconscious" because of an accident or anesthesia? What happened? What was it like?


A. Consciousness = awareness of internal & external stimuli

Other terms:

B. Brain Activity & Consciousness

[EEG Diagram][Type of Brain Waves]

C. Biological Rhythms & Sleep

D. Sleep-Wake Cycle

Stages W (Wakefulness), N1, N2, N3 & REM ("Rapid Eye Movement") NOTE THIS IS NEW & DIFFERENT FROM THE BOOK (Silber et al, 2007)

[Stages of Sleep - New
Stage W: Wakefulness/awake

Stage N1: Theta waves = light sleep

Stage N2: Sleep spindles & mixed EEG activity

Stages N3  Delta (slow) waves => deep sleep

REM ("Rapid Eye Movement") Sleep

  • High frequency waves; discovered in 1950s
  • Associated with dreaming
  • Hard to awaken
  • Relaxed muscles (almost paralyzed; no movement of arms and legs)


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