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The Elements of Emotional Experience

What is an "emotion"?

Cognitive Component

Physiological Component
Autonomic NS

LeDoux & Amygdala Limbic system

Behavioral Component

Facial Feedback Hypothesis Pics

Culture and Emotion

Cross-Cultural Similarities

[6 Faces]
Are emotional expressions perceived the same way all over the world?

[Ekman Facial Research]

Paul Ekman
Paul Ekmanhappiness, sadness, anger, fear, disgust, and surprise .

Cross-Cultural Differences

Theories of Emotions

Popular or "Commonsense"

          - Popular Notion]

            JamesJames-Lange Theory

[Emotion -
          James-Lange Theory]

CannonCannon-Bard Theory

[Emotion -
          Cannon-Bard Theory]
SchacterStanley Schachter's Two-Factor Theory

[Emotion -
          Schachter Theory]

Evolutionary Theories of Emotion

                  & Emotions]

[Plutchik_Emotions]Modern evolutionary theories (Silvan Tomkins, Carroll Izard, & Robert Plutchik)