PSY 101   
                Images] Development 3: Adolescence & Adulthood


1. Physical Changes of Adolescence

  • Puberty: the maturation of sexual functions 

  • Primary Sexual Characteristics = the structures necessary for reproduction
  • Neurological Changes: Maturation of the nervous system, esp. the prefontal cortex, limbic system, & projection fibers
Grey vs. White matter

White matter in late adolescence

[James_Marcia]3. Identity (James E. Marcia)

Average age of 1st marriage"Adult Transition" or "Emerging Adulthood" as a distinct period in Western culture (Arnett et al., 2014)

Will Darbyshire: Fear (10/15/2015; YouTube). 22-year-old UK Youtuber with more than 490K subscribers
  • Identity exploration 
  • Sense of instability (the flip side of exploration) in both love and work
  • Focus upon the self
  • Feeling "in between" adolescence and full adulthood (not still adolescent, not yet adult)
  • Possibilities & Optimism

[Adult Development]

1. Is there such a thing as a mid-life crisis among adults?

[Seasons of A Man's

[Married couple]
2. Life Transitions in Adulthood
  • Adjusting to Marriage
  • Adjusting to Parenthood
  • Adjusting to the "Empty Nest"
[Family of 12]

[Tom Cheek, 103 yo]3. Aging

  • Physical Changes
    • dementia (multiple cognitive problems)
    • Alzheimer's disease
  • Cognitive Changes


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