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Suggested Books for Psychology Students


General Comments: Undergraduate students sometimes find themselves looking for books to read that relate to their classes or interests in psychology. Too frequently, they encounter books (such as self-help or exploitative memoirs) which either misrepresent psychological science or are, frankly, not worth the time spent reading them. Yet, there are not always able to figure out what might be some excellent choices that relate to psychology and ARE worth the time reading. So, here is a partially-annotated listing of books for students to review if they want to read something worth their efforts. I am appreciative of suggestions I have found from other teachers, including recommendation made on the PsychTeacher listserv. Note that I am listing the books below using a modification of APA Style, i.e., I am including the whole first name rather than just the initial. This is done to help you locate the book in case you want to buy it.
  • Although Charles G. (Tony) Morris's list is now a little bit out of date, you can also check through the much much longer set of readings at this link.
  • Most books below are owned by Le Moyne's Falcone Library. To signal those books that the Library does own, I have used the following icon: [LMC]  
PsycBOOKS. Le Moyne College's Falcone Library maintains a subscription to PsycBOOKS, an online collection of over 1300 books published by the American Psychological Association (APA) and mostly directed toward graduate students and professional psychologists. Many of these books (850+ are actually older titles which are important for historians of psychology.) However, every year, the APA adds about 50-60 titles to PsycBOOKS from their more recent publications. A student can access the individual books in this collection by using a computer on campus and going through SIMON, the library's online catalog. If you cannot find any book in the list below (or in Tony Morris's list cited above), you may wish to browse through the PsycBOOKS collection to see if something there gets your attention. Each book is broken down into a set of pdf files and you can download these to your own computer. You would have to read the book on your computer, something a lot of people prefer not to do. But, it is still a possibility. Please send me an e-mail message or talk to me in class if you decide to choose one of these books.
  • To browse the list of books in PsycBOOKS via SIMON in reverse date of publication (that is, the most recent books are listed first), click on this link.
  • To browse the list of books in PsycBOOKS via SIMON more generally, click on this link.
Book Categories

Note that there is a great deal of overlap across categories. So, you might want to look in other categories for books that would appeal to you.

Biological Psychology & Neuroscience; Brain & Behavior

Clinical & Abnormal Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Forensic Psychology & Criminal Behavior

History of Psychology,  Psychology, and the Behavioral Sciences; Biographies

Memory Processes & Learning
Personal Memoirs & Autobiographies

Social Psychology