Other Aspects of Personality Theory

   Walter Mischel: Person-Situation Consistency

 Humanistic Psychology & The Self's Potential for Growth

  • vs. Psychological Determinism (Psychoanalysis & Behavioral Psychology)

 Carl Rogers

  • Self-Concept
  • Conditions of Worth or Value placed on children that stunts or harms the personality

 Abraham Maslow

[Maslow's Hierarch of Needs]

Genetic Basis of Personality

  • Studies of identical and fraternal twins reared together or separated at an early age
  • Between 40 and 55% of the variability in personality traits of the "Big Five" theory (NEO-AC) can be attributed to genetic factors
  Personality and Family Environment (= not consistent for children)

 The "Western" Self vs. The "Eastern" Self

Hazel Markus & Shinobu Kitayama propose that American and Asian conceptions of the self differ.

  • Western Self: Emphasis upon independence, self-achievement
  • Eastern Self: Emphasis upon interdependence with family and others and fitting into society. Value given to achievement of the group, not the individual.

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