[Psychology Images] PSY 101 

Personality II
Evaluating Psychodynamic Theory & Aspects of Other Personality Theories

Evaluating Psychodynamic Theory

 Positive Contributions

  • Unconscious forces do influence behavior
  • Internal conflict can cause psychological distress
  • Early childhood experience can affect adult personality
  • Defensive mechanisms are ways we cope with the world


  • Too vague - can't be disproven
  • Few systematic studies
  • Male-centered

Other Aspects of Personality Theory

Walter Mischel  Walter Mischel: Person-Situation Consistency

Humanistic Psychology & The Self's Potential for Growth

[Maslow]  Abraham Maslow

[Maslow's Hierarch of Needs]

The "Western" Self vs. The "Eastern" Self

KitayamaMarkusShinobu Kitayama & Hazel Markus => American and Asian conceptions of the self differ.





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