Psychodynamic = Psychoanalytic (Freudian) Theory - Part II

Anxiety and Defense Mechanisms

Conflict leads to Anxiety leads to the use of Defense Mechanisms

Defense Mechanisms are mostly unconscious strategies by which individuals are protected from anxiety and neurotic guilt.

Forms of Defense Mechanisms

Repression = thoughts, feelings, & desires which are distressful are kept completely unconscious
Projection = attributing one's own unconscious feelings, thoughts, or motives to another person
Displacement = redirecting your emotional feelings such as anger or love from an original target to a substitute target
Reaction Formation = acting in ways that are the opposite of the way you actually would wish to act
Regression = falling back to earlier or more immature ways of responding
Identification = Forming a real or imagined alliance with someone else or a group for the purpose of fortifying or strengthing self-esteem

Psychosexual Stages of Development

Fixation or Gratification

Age  Erotic Focus
Oral    Birth-1 Mouth: Sucking, feeding, biting
Anal   2-3  Anus: Expelling or retaining feces
Phallic 4-5 Genitals: Masturbatory stimulation
 Latency 6-12 None (repression of sexual feelings)
 Genital  From onset of puberty Genitals: Sexual intimacy & intercourse

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