Culture and Emotion

Cross-Cultural Similarities

Ekman Emotional Research - Study Areas

Are emotional expressions perceived the same way all over the world? Paul Ekman's used photographs of happiness, sadness, anger, fear, disgust, and surprise to study this question.

Cross-Cultureal Differences

Theories of Emotions

Popular or "Commonsense"

 [Emotion - Popular Notion]

 James-Lange Theory 

[Wm James]

William James

 [Emotion - James-Lange Theory]

 Cannon-Bard Theory

[Walter Cannon]

Walter Cannon

 [Emotion - Cannon-Bard Theory]

 Stanley Schachter's Two-Factor Theory

[Stanley Schachter]

 [Emotion - Schachter Theory]

Evolutionary Theories of Emotion

[Darwin & The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals]

emotions => adaptive value => aid in an animal's survival

Modern evolutionary theories





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