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Narrative Psychology: Internet & Resource Guide

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  Last updated: November 11, 1997

General Overview



   Narrative Psychology: Basics

  nr-basic  nr-basic nr-basic nr-basic
Theoretical Foundations    

     Literary Criticism & Hermeneutics

   nr-lcrit nr-lcrit  nr-lcrit  nr-lcrit 
    Philosophical Perspectives   nr-constr-i  nr-constr-b  nr-constr nr-constr 

    Cultural Psychology & Anthropology

 Historical Background    
  Emergence of the Social Sciences           
    Personality Theory through the middle 20th Century          

The Cognitive Revolution 

Qualitative Inquiry
& Interviewing
   General Methodology           
   Case Study           
  Processes of Interviewing           

 Interpretation & Discourse Analysis


in Narrative Psychology
    The Self in Narrative           
    Psychobiography & Biographical Psychology          
  Gay & Lesbian Identity           
   Neuropsychology & Cognitive Psychology          
  Adult/Gerontological Issues           
    Clinical Psychology          
  Psychology of Women           

    Therapeutic Recovery of Memory

in Other Disciplines
   Linguistics & Semiotics           
   Management, Business, Advertising, and Public Administration          
    Medicine, Nursing, and Health Care          
   Shoah (the Holocaust) and Genocide Studies           
  Theology and Religious Studies           

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