IRL 401 - Collective Bargaining

Arbitration - The intervention of an impartial third party, with the power to impose a settlement, into a dispute.

Boycott - A concerted attempt to have union members and/or the public refuse to do business with employers with whom the union has a dispute (primary boycott) or with employers who themselves do business with the employers with whom the union has a dispute (secondary bo ycott).

Canadian Labour Congress - CLC - the largest and most important central labor federation in Canada.

Farm Labor Contractor - Someone who agrees to harvest a crop at a fixed price and then hires the people who actually do the work and fulfills most of the functions of the employer.

Final-Offer Arbitration - A procedure in which the arbitrator must choose one or the other of the partys' submissions as the award.

International Union - one which represents employees in both Canada and the United States but probably has its headquarters and the majority of its members in the United States.

Rand Formula - an agency shop arrangement in Canada in which non-unionists must pay the equivalent of union dues.

Sovereignty Doctrine - The notion that for a government, which exercises its "sovereign" power in trust for all the people, to share its power with a segment of the people is to violate their trust.