Evaluation: Student evaluation for grading purposes (in terms of how much each type of assignment will count) are delineated in this section of the home page. The things which will count toward your grade are:

Journals: Students will discuss their journal entries in class and hand in their journals every time. See the link for journals to see what is expected and which dates yours are due. Journals will count 10% of the semester grade.

Class Presentations: Presentations will be made at a time agreed between the presenters and the instructor. See the link for presentations. This assignment will count 20% of the semester grade. If you do a presentation, you won't be doing critiques or taking the mid-term examination.

Critiques: Critiques are due on the dates indicated on the home page. See the link for critiques and for the critique rubric. If you do critiques, you must do two and you will not be doing a presentation or taking the mid-term examination. Each critique counts 10% of the semester grade.  Students may do a third critique (or a single critique if they take the mid-term examination) in order to reduce the amount quizzes count in total from 20% of the grade to 10% of the grade.

Mid-term Examination: This is optional and will be done only by students who choose not to do a presentation and not to do critiques. It will cover all class material up to the date of the examination and will count 20% of the semester grade. It will be held outside of class the week of our February 25 and 27 classes. See the link for "announcements" for more details.

Class Participation: This includes attending all class sessions, doing the reading as assigned in advance, and asking questions and offering comments on journal presentations by other students. This will count 5% of the semester grade.

Quizzes: There will be eleven fifteen-minute quizzes during the course of the semester. Each will ask questions about the reading material assigned for the topic we are beginning that day. Students who unavoidably miss a quiz or wish to improve their grade on a quiz can retake the quiz as part of the final exam (which is the only time quizzes can be made up). Up to three quizzes can be retaken on the final exam in addition to any you have missed. Quizzes will count a total of 20% of the semester grade unless you do a third critique  or take the mid-term and write one critique in which case the quizzes will count a total of 10% of the semester grade.

Conflict Resolution Exercises: There will be two dispute resolution exercises. These will be group exercises and each will count 10% of the semester grade.

Final Exam: The final exam in Soc 345 will be held on Monday, May 14, 2018, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.. That exam will count for 25% of the semester grade . Students will also have the opportunity at that time to make up any quizzes they missed or to retake quizzes on which they did poorly.