All students in SOC 311 are required to maintain a journal of items related to work, worklife and the workplace.

Requirements: Students must purchase a small folder with two pockets in which they can insert typed journal entries. Each entry must be a half page to a page long (double spaced). Each time journals are submitted there must be two new separate entries. This amounts to approximately two entries every three weeks (a bit less than that over the entire semester). That is, each student's journal will be submitted four times over the course of the semester. If your journal entry is based on a written article or on the internet, i.e. if it is based on anything other than a television show or a personal experience, you must make a copy of the article and include it in your journal. Each time you submit your journal entries, please include all of your previous journal entries.
Topics: Each journal entry must report on some aspect of work, worklife or the workplace. Entries should be related to various sociological concepts (e.g. group norms, power, leadership, social roles, etc.)
Sources: Sources include newspapers, magazines, the internet (although weblogs are not acceptable), television news reports, etc.. Students may also use personal or family experiences as journal entries (they need not be recent) but no more than one such entry at a time can be submitted and no more than two such entries can be used over the course of the semester. Each entry must clearly identify its source. For newspapers, magazines, internet sites, etc., normal citation style should be used.
Evaluation: At regular intervals indicated on the course syllabus students will be required to present in class one of their journal entries for the most recent period. There will be class discussion of these issues. Journals will be submitted to the instructor at the end of each such class for evaluation. All entries must be maintained in the journal for the entire semester.
Feedback: Each time your journal is submitted, the first new page must be a response to any questions or observations the instructor wrote in the journal when it was last submitted.

Schedule: The journal schedule for the Fall 2011 semester will be posted here. Journals are due for presentation and collection on September 20, October 4, October 25 and November 22.