This page contains sample exam questions. In fact, they are some of the actual questions from the final exam the last time this class was taught.


These questions are based on specific readings. These are the types of questions that appear on the quizzes:

(1) According to Shellenberger, “Workplace Upheavals Seem to Be Eroding Employees’ Trust,” (in Schaffner and Van Horn), what is the relationship between employee trust and profits? Explain.(2) According to Head, “On the Digital Assembly Line,” (in Wharton), call center employees were often subjected to strict dress codes. Why?

These questions are based on class activities including lectures, discussions and movies. These questions appear only on the final exam:

(1) In the movie “Office Space,” what are the sources of authority at work? (2) In class we discussed two different legal categories of sexual harassment. What are they and how are they different?

This was the "long" final essay. This type of question appears only on the final exam:

“Over the last hundred years, work has become easier but less satisfying.” Discuss and evaluate this statement. Make sure you discuss issues related to the new workplace, technology, globalization and the relationship between work and family. Also include specific examples from different types of work including industrial work, service work, professional and managerial work and care work.