IRL421 - Comparative Industrial Relations

DEFINITIONS: The International Labour Organization

Conventions - ILO standards which are meant to be binding on member nations which ratify them

Governing Body of the International Labour Office - in essence, the executive of the ILO

ICFTU - International Confederation of Free Trade Unions - an international organization of non-Communist national trade union centers founded in 1949 by those unhappy with Communist influence in the WFTU

IFTU - International Federation of Trade Unions - an international organization which brought together national trade union federations from 1901 until 1945

ILO - International Labour Organization - a tri-partite body affiliated with the United Nations. Originally founded in 1919, the ILO's principal function is to set standards for the treatment of workers around the world

International Labour Conference - the policy-making component or congress of the ILO

International Labour Office - the research center and secretariat of t he ILO

ITS - International Trade Secretariats - union bodies associated with the ICFTU which coordinate the world-wide activities of individual unions in different countries within a common industry or occupation

WFTU - World Federation of Trade Unions - the successor organization to the IFTU. Split in 1949 since which time it has largely consisted of official union bodies from Communist countries and Communist-oriented union bodies from non-Communist countries