IRL 421 - Comparative Industrial Relations

Definitions: China

All China Federation of Trade Unions - ACFTU - the central trade union federation in the People's Republic of China

Cadres - skilled educated workers who are also typically Communist Party activists

Danwei - the state/work unit that provides the Chinese worker with employment, housing, food, medical care and other necessities of life

Great Leap Forward - the attempt from 1957 to 1959 to move the Chinese economy quickly from traditional agriculture to modern industry

Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution - the attempt by Chairman Mao from 1966 until his death in 1976 to reinvigorate China by increasing the level of revolutionary fervor in all strata of society

Iron Rice Bowl - the term used to denote the traditional high level of job security in Chinese entrerprises

Special Economic Zones - areas in coastal provinces where foreigners are permitted to set up join venture enterprises together with Chinese enterprises

Worker Congress - the body which represents the whole of the workers in each enterprise