IRL 421 - Definitions - Mexican Industrial Relations

Congress of Work (CT) - a body which seeks to coordinate union confederations as well as large and small unions themselves on certain social and political issues

Despensa - basket of goods which unions sometimes negotiate for employers to provide to all employees

Federation of Unions of Government Workers (FSTSE) - the only confederation of unions of public employees in Mexico

General Confederation of Workers (CGT) - a central labor confederation largely concentrated in Mexico City

Independent Federation of Workers (FNSI) - an independent labor confederation largely concentrated in the prosperous area of Monterrey

Maquiladora Plants - light assembly plants often owned by US companies established just south of the US border which manufacture goods for the US market with tax concessions

Mexican Petroleum (PEMEX) - the state-run oil monopoly

Mexican Workers Confederation (CTM) - the largest labor confederation in Mexico. It is an integral part of the PRI structure

Mexican Workers Union (UNT) - a labor federation created in 1998 to challenge the existing PRI-dominated federations.  It is independent of the PRI

National Action Party (PAN) - principal right-wing opposition party in Mexico.

National Minimum Wage Commission - the body which determines the minimum wages which must be included in all Mexican collective bargaining agreements

Party of Democratic Revolution (PRD) - principal left-wing opposition party in Mexico which came to power in 2000.

Regional Confederation of Mexican Workers (CROM) - the oldest Mexican labor confederation, it is affiliated with PRI

Regional Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC) - an independent labor confederation founded in the 1950s to challenge the leadership of the CTM

Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI) - The party which held power in Mexico from the early part of the twentieth century and which constitutes the de facto government until 2000.