IRL 421 - Comparative Industrial Relations - Definitions: Japan


Liberal Democratic Party - the conservative party in Japan which held government continuously until the 1990s

Nenko - the seniority wage system

Nikkeiren - Japanese Federation of Employer's Associations

Rengo - Japanese Trade Union Confederation - the newest central union body, founded in 1982 but becoming a full-fledged union center in 1989. Designed to unify the Japanese trade union movement

SCAP - Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers

Shunto - the "Spring Labor Offensive"

Shushin Koyo - the lifetime employment system

Sohyo - General Council of Trade Unions of Japan - the largest Japanese central union confedera tion until it dissolved in 1989

"Three Divine Treasures" of Japanese Industrial Relations - enterprise unionism, lifetime employment, and seniority wages

Wa - spiritual ascendancy through harmony and common effort

Zenroren - National Confederation of Trade Unions - union center formed in 1989 by public sector Communist-led opposed to Rengo