IRL 420 - Comparative Industrial Relations

Definitions: France

CFDT - The French Democratic Labor Federation - formerly a confessional confederation of French unions, now a left-leaning federation associated with the Socialist Party.

CFTC - The French Confederation of Christian Workers - a confessional confederation which split from the CFDT over the issue of deconfessionalization. A small group.

CGC - The General Confederation of Staff - a small politically independent confederation catering to technicians, engineers and administrators.

CGT - The General Labor Federation. The Largest of the French union centers, the CGT has close links to the PCF.

CNPF (or the Patronat) - National Council of French Employers - the central federation of French employers organizing the major industry associations. See MEDEF

Comites d'enterprise - works councils which are purely consultative.

FEN - The National Education Federation - The Largest French union, independent of all the major federations.

The Fifth Republic - The constitution under which France has been governed since 1958. It combines a powerful president with a parliamentary system.

FO (or CGT-FO) - Worker's Force - an anti-Marxist federation which broke away from the CGT. Strongest among white collar and government employees.

MEDEF - New name for the CNPF.

PCF - The French Communist Party.

PS - The French Socialist Party.

Personnel Delegates - worker representatives nominated by the unions but elected by all workers at the workplace. Entrusted with discussion of employee problems and grievances.

UDF - Union for a Democratic France - a center/right party including Christian Democratic elements.

UMP - Union for a Popular Movement - the largest center/right party currently existing in France. It includes both the former Gaullists and others.

Shop Representatives - union appointed representatives who may act as observers in grievance settlement.