IRL 420 - Comparative Industrial Relations


Definitions: Sweden

The Basic Agreement - 1938 agreement between unions and employers setting out the basic framework of collective bargaining and management rights.

December Compromise - 1906 agreement between the LO and the SAF in which the latter recognized the right to unionize and the former agreed to let employers set the levels of employment.

LO - the Confederation of Swedish Trade Unions - the largest central union body in Sweden representing most blue collar workers and some white collar workers.

Middle way - the Swedish commitment to a social and economic system between capitalism and socialism.

NMO - National Mediation Organization - the government agency providing both voluntary and mandatory mediation services.

SACO - Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations- a 1975 merger of SACO - the Central Organization of Swedish Professional Workers - and SR - National Federation of Government Employees.

SAF - Swedish Employers' Confederation - the central body of Swedish employers until 2001, the SAF is an association of associations.

SAP - Social Democratic Party - the socialist party to which the unions are affiliated.

SN - Confederation of Swedish Enterprises - the central body of Swedish employers since 2001 when it was created by a merger involving the SAF.

TCO - the Central Organization of Salaried Employees

Wage Solidarity - the traditional wage pol icy of the LO, which is based on notions of horizontal and vertical equity.