In this area you will find announcement including any changes in the class schedule, reading assignments, paper requirements, etc.. You should check this area every week and certainly you should check it if you have missed a class.


Here you will find any changes in assignments or course requirements.
Written assignments must be submitted in electronic form as well as on paper. This must be done by sending the instructor an e-mail from your Le Moyne account with the assigned paper as an attachment. This is due at the same time that the paper version is due.
Readings on reserve from the European Industrial Relations Review will not be scanned but will be available in hard copy. You should ask for the issue of the review that you want. Don't ask for the article by title or author.
Readings from the journal Comparative Labor Law and Policy will not actually be put on reserve but can be found either in the journal on the shelves or electronically on Lexis-Nexis.

The following items should be added to the reading list as optional readings on Britain: Geoff White, "Back to the Future? Pay Modernisation in the UK Public Services - Themes and Issues," Employment Relations Record, V.4, n.1, 2004, and Susan Corby, "Public Sector Dispute Resolution: A British Approach," Employment Relations Record, V.4, n.1, 2004

The following item should be added to the reading list on Ireland: Wallace and O'Sullivan, "Employment Protection in Ireland," International Employment Relations Review, V.10, n.1, 2004
Final Paper Countries: In addition to the optional countries listed in on the IRL 420 syllabus, you may choose New Zealand or South Korea. Those countries were listed on the IRL 421 syllabus and you can find the relevant sections on our course home page.

 Class Participation Daily 15%
Comparison Papers - 3-5 pages, 2 or more optional sources    
1. Canada and Britain October 24 20%
2. Sweden and France November 16 20%
3. Italy and Germany December 2 20%
Final Presentation (30 minutes), groups of 2, optional country Dec 15, 3:00-6:00 pm, R345 25%

In this area you will find computer assignments which you need to do before the first class on each country.
Go to the link for Atlapedia on the home page. Find the country we are about to discuss in class. Read the entry about that country and come to class prepared to discuss it.

Go to the link for Labourstart on the home page. Then where it says "select a country" put in the name of the country we are about to discuss in class. Find and read at least two stories about IRHR in that country which are a week or less old and come to class prepared to report on them and discuss them the first time we discuss that country.