IRL 201 - History of American Labor and Management


Affirmative Action - Remedies for discrimination that involve taking specific positive steps to enhance job opportunities for groups which have previously suffered from discrimination

Business Agent - A full-time local union officer, elected or appointed, whose tasks frequently include the operation of a hiring hall

Executive Council - The group of union officers charged with operating the union between conventions

Federal Labor Union - A local union affiliated directly to the A.F.L.-C.I.O. without any affiliation to a national union

Lobbying - Activities associated with trying to convince elected or appointed government officials to vote for or adopt particular policies

PAC - Political Action Committee, since the 1970's, most of these are vehicles for funneling funds to candidates

Shop Steward - A shop-floor level union representative whose work for the union is typically uncompensated and who accordingly works full-time for the employer. The lowest level of union office