IRL 101 - Introduction to Industrial Relations - Computer assignments and announcements of any changes in the class schedule, reading assignments, etc., are contained here.  You will also find the schedule of meetings of the Central New York Industrial Relations Research Association to which students are welcome and for which the Le Moyne I.R. Association normally pays.

Announcements and Schedule Changes: Changes in the class schedule, scheduled exams, assignments, due dates, etc. will be announced here. Check frequently, especially if you have missed a class.
Remember that all students must take at least one quiz.  There will NOT be any make-ups so make certain you are there to take one.  Any others you miss will be made up on the final exam.

The correct third question on the third quiz is as follows:

Identify and explain any two of Saturn's "partnership principles" as discussed by Bennett ("Constructing the Employment Relationship with Total Organizational Quality," in POW).

Additional Reading Assignments: 

When we reach the topic of "Quality of Worklife" you should read the Wall Street Journal article "Factory Lifts Productivity but Staff Finds It's No Picnic." 

When we reach the topic of "Development of Unions" please read the brief article on the unionization of home health workers in Los Angeles which recently appeared on a computer listserver. 
When we reach the topic of "Union Structure/Operation" please go to the section of the AFL-CIO home page which deals with public attitudes toward unions and read that section. 

IRRA Meetings

The Central New York Industrial Relations Research Association brings together labor and management practitioners, neutrals and academics to discuss issues of common interest.  It normally meets one Thursday evening in September, November, January, March and June.  Students are welcome and the Le Moyne Industrial Relations Association normally pays for them.  These are dinner meetings.  The schedule of meetings is listed here.

If you might be interested in a summer job/internship working with the AFL-CIO check out this information about the union summer program.

If you might be interested in an internship with an independent organization committed to revitalizing the trade union movement through increased union democracy and increased union militance, check out the announcement about Labor Notes

Computer Assignments - Computer Assignments for the entire semester are listed here.  Check occasionally for changes in assignments or due dates.  Failure to complete all of these assignments accurately and in a timely manner will result in a reduced grade in the class.  You must send e-mail to Cliff about your computer assignments from your Le Moyne College Groupwise account.   If you don’t have a LeMoyne account, or you haven’t used it in ages and don’t remember your password, go to Information Systems and straighten it all out. 
Computer Assignment 1 – Send Cliff e-mail. Please send an e-mail message to Cliff by Wednesday, January 23. His e-mail address is just his last name followed by   Please send the message from your Le Moyne account and check for mail in that account regularly! 
Computer Assignment 2 – Go to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Home page (there is a link on the course page) and find out who is the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health. E-mail that information to Cliff. Please do this by Friday, February 1.
Computer Assignment 3 – Go to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Home page (there is a link on the course page). Find out how long a person is allowed to wait after an alleged discriminatory act before filing a charge with the EEOC. (Hint: there are two answers. You should tell me both and tell me which one applies in which situation.) E-mail Cliff with that information by Monday, February 11.
Computer Assignment 4 – Go to the National Labor Relations Board home page (there is a link on the course page) and find out the names of any two members of the Board or the name of one member of the Board and the General Counsel. Send Cliff an e-mail message with this information by Monday, February 18.
Computer Assignment 5 – Go to the link for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) (there is a link on the course page) and find out whom is the contact person for the Syracuse chapter of SHRM.  Send this information to Cliff in an e-mail message by Friday, March 15.
Computer Assignment 6 – Go to the AFL-CIO home page and find the names of three affiliated national unions you had never heard of before. Send that information to Cliff in an e-mail message by Monday, April 8.
Computer Assignment 7 – Go to the link for the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (there is a link on the course page) and find out and the Average Hourly Earnings for the month of July 2001. (Hint: look under "Economy at a Glance").  Send that information in an e-mail to Cliff by Monday, April 22.