IRL 101 - Definitions - Human Resource Management


Codetermination - a model widely used in Europe in which workers are given formal representation in the management structure of private companies as well as public enterprises

Comparable Worth - a model which attempts to provide jobs done by the different genders with pay that reflects the value of those jobs, as determined by job evaluation systems

Employee Development - programs for the upgrading of the skill, knowledge and abilities of employees, especially managerial employees

Job Analysis - a process by which the various components of individual jobs are systematically noted

Job Evaluation - a process by which the compensation of different jobs is based on a single model which values all jobs on the same basis

Merit Pay - basing pay in whole or in part on performance

Performance Appraisal - measuring and evaluation of the way employees actually do their jobs

Quality Circles - groups at the work-floor level, including both managers and employees, dedicated to improving the processes of production

Recruitment - the process by which potentially qualified workers are attracted to the organization

Reliability - the stat istical characteristic which asks the question whether the same assessments will be made of the same information in different situations or by different assessors

Selection - the process by which employees who have been recruited are chosen to work in the organization

Validity - the statistical characteristic which asks the question whether the information being collected correlates with the behavior which we desire to measure