Student Evaluation

HRM 470 - Alternative Dispute Resolution

Spring 2005


1. Class Presentations (as described on course home page)                 30%

2. Journals (as described on course home page)                                  20%

3. Class participation (including questions/comments on the

          reading on a daily basis and including participation during

          student presentations)                                                               15%

4. Home work (forms for the evaluation of presentations)                       5%

5.* Evaluation of negotiation exercise (3-4 pages)                                10%

6.* Evaluation of fact finding exercise (3-4 pages)                                10%

7.* Answer suggested exam questions on another student's

          presentation (3-4 pages)(may do one or two of these

          on two different presentations)                                                  10%


* Students may choose to do two of the assignments under number 7 instead of just one in place of either number 5 or number 6 if they desire.