ECO 313 - Labor Economics

Cliff Donn

Spring 2006

RH 227, 445-4339


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Critique writing

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Problem Sets

Here you will find a group of problem sets for ECO 313.  There is also a set of due dates.  You are expected to complete each of the problem sets and submit it by the appropriate due date.  These will be corrected and returned to you.  You will receive "extra credit" for submitting the problem sets on time and for providing the correct answers. However, you are required to submit them in any case.

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Exam Information

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Here you will find lists of terms for each major topic in the course.  These same lists will be handed out in class when we reach that topic.

Supply and Demand - Concepts

Supply and Demand - Applications

Institutions of the Labor Market

Labor and the Labor Market in a Global Economy

Power Point Slides

After each topic is complete in class, the power point slides used to give those classes will be placed here
II.A. Labor Supply
II.B. Labor Demand and Wage Determination
III.A.Income Distribution and Poverty
III.B. Unemployment
III.C. Discrimination in the Labor Market
IV.A.Unions and Collective Bargaining
IV.B. Human Resource Policies
V. Labor and Labor Markets in a Global Economy
VI. Summary and Conclusions


Below you will find links to a variety of organizations and sites relevant to the labor market.

Bureau of the Census, U.S. Government

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin, Madison

White House Economic Statistics Briefing Room

White House Social Statistics Briefing Room