Here is where you will find announcements for CJS/SOC 220. Please check this page at least two or three times each week. Usually you won't find anything but you may occasionally find changes to the class schedule, reading assignments, quizzes, etc.


Please note that students are not permitted to leave early for Columbus Day weekend or Thanksgiving break or to return late from those breaks if it causes them to miss class in CJS/SOC 220. If you miss the class just before or after those breaks, you will have to provide a doctor's note. Failure to provide such a documented medical excuse will result either in the student being required to drop the class or being required to do an additional assignment, at the discretion of the instructor.


Additional Required Assignments:

For class on February 20, you are required to read the Supreme Court decison in Mapp v. Ohio (1961) including all concurring and dissenting opinions.

For class on February 22, you are required to read the Supreme Court decision in United States v. Russell (1973) including all dissenting opinions.

You will NOT be allowed to stay in class on those dates if you have not read those cases!

There is a link which will enable you to find the full text of these cases in the Supreme Court Case Analysis section of the course home page.