CJS 101 Evaluation

Spring 2019


Students in CJS 101 will have five types of assignments: quizzes, journals, a brief research paper, an optional mid-term examination and a final examination.

In order to pass the course, all assignments must be handed in as specified. Failure to submit any required assignment, no matter what its weight, will result in failure in the course. Assignments handed in late will receive a grade of zero but they must still be handed in for you to pass the class.


There will be 14 quizzes which will count, in total, 20% of your course grade (unless you choose to take the mid-term exam in which case they will count 15%). Each quiz will test material in the text chapter(s) and any additional readings assigned to be read that day. Quizzes will be administered during the first ten minutes of class. If you miss a quiz, you will have an opportunity to make it up on the final exam (and not at any other time). You will also be able to attempt to retake a quiz on which you have done poorly on the final exam. Up to three quizzes can be retaken this way.


Students will hand in journals three times during the semester. Those journal assignments will count for a total of 20% of your course grade.


Students will each do a research assignment. That assignment is worth 30% of your course grade unless you take the mid-term examination, in which case the research assignment will count 25% of your course grade..


Students may take a mid-term examination if they wish. That examination will be scheduled outside of class time. For those who choose to take it, it will count 10% of the course grade and the research assignment will count 25% instead of 30% and the quizzes will count 15% instead of 20%.


All students will be required to take a final examination. There will be no exceptions. The final examination is comprehensive (covers all the material in the course) and will count for 30% of the course grade.


If you prefer to do some different assignment to the ones specified here (e.g. a more substantial research paper or a class presentation), contact the instructor during the first three weeks of the semester and it may be possible to work that out.