Here is where you will find announcements for CJS 101. Please check this page at least two or three times each week. Usually you won't find anything but you may occasionally find changes to the class schedule, reading assignments, quizzes, etc.




Just a reminder that you are not permitted to leave early (i.e. miss the last class before) or return late (i.e. miss the first class after) for Spring Break or Easter Break. That is strictly forbidden in this class as was announced on the first day. Anyone who does so without a documented medical excuse will either be required to drop the class or will be be required to complete a substantial additional assignment in order to pass the class at the discretion of the instructor.


This link indicates some things that many students do that really annoy professors so it has some excellent advice about things college students should avoid.



The (optional) mid-term examination in this class will be held on Wednesday, March 14, at 5:30 p.m. in Grewen Hall Room 203 (one floor above our regular classroom). You do not need to decide if you are taking that examination until that time. If you decide to take it, just show up at that time and place.



The journal due on April 17 will be collected on April 19 instead. Be careful not to leave it for the last minute because remember your paper is already due on April 19 and neither assignment can be accepted late.


Dolphy Day update

The quiz scheduled for today (Quiz 9) will be given on Thursday, April 26 and the quiz scheduled for that day (Quiz 10) will be given on Tuesday, May 1.



The final examination will be held in room 100 in the Science Center Annex.