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Welcome to our ever-growing club.

You didn't want to join.

Neither did we.

But here we are, bemoaning the phenomenon of plummeting Librarian behavior, trying to sort through the complexities of the problem, and seeking solutions.

Most people work amid others within libraries, where decent behavior enables large-scale collegiality. Since such harmony cannot always prevail, seemingly minor differences snowball easily. If you have already tried to resolve matters on your own, and found our system of regulating Librarian behavior and resolving differences extremely flawed, the ambition here is to simplify the complicated quandary of interpersonal conflict in the library near you, so life can be more livable.

I'm finalizing a book I've written on the subject, Neighbors From Hell, a guide for living in a world where populations have condensed while much of society has moved away from neighborly behavior. Disparate people living in the same community are in a cultural struggle over whose lifestyle will prevail, and those who lack elegance, maturity and empathy - the "bad guys" - seem to be winning. Librarians down the hall, next door, upstairs, downstairs, or across the miles can unduly compromise the solace of our libraries - our last respite from the harsh outside world - and some respond to diplomatic resolution efforts with further offenses and aggression, making them Librarians From Hell. This site is a companion for the book, Librarians From Hell, a subject getting attention in the press, on the web and on talk shows, with good reason.

The chief complaint is about NOISE, thanks to the popularization of "noise culture," which makes whispering a thing of the past, telling off patrons more plentiful, and spawns a need among its members to out-do themselves and each other in creating a toxic environment in which to study or work. But aside from noise and telling people where to get off, food is in their teeth, pets are the subject of long-winded stem winders that bore people to death, office boundaries are more constrictive, and we all create anxiety and soaring blood pressures than at any time in human history. Factors big and small create vulnerability within small meeting areas, and our thinning skin is easily pierced when librarians continuously share their taste in music, disobey fashion rules, or make their work problems into our problems.

This site's message board, which has become extremely active, facilitates communication and support among the afflicted. Use it for ideas, use it to vent. Librarians From Hell, the book, is in the writing stage, and aims to educate and support readers, librarians, and to delve into the forensics of bad-librarian behavior - their psychological profile, their cliche personality traits, and how societies are facilitating the decline of librarians behavior and library livability.

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    Librarians From Hell, the book, is represented by Barnello Literary Management. The project is now available to publishing firm editors for consideration.

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