Approved Minutes of ARPP Committee (December 3, 1997)

Present: Thomas Curley, Clifford Donn, Alan Fischler (Chair), Charles Kelly, Michael Krause, William Rinaman, Marcia Ruwe (Academic Dean), Deborah Tooker

1. After some important corrections were made, the proposed minutes of the November 12th meeting were unanimously approved.

2. Professor Fischler reported that due to a lack of a quorum the Executive Board was not able to vote on the Committee's proposal concerning the Physical Education requirement. This item is on the agenda for a special meeting of the Executive Board scheduled for December 10th.

The Committee voiced its opinion that the proposal concerning the Physical requirements in the College Catalog.

3. The Dean awaits responses to the memos she has written to the Director of Athletics, the Director of HEOP, and the Student Senate President concerning the new policy on academic probation and disqualification that the ARPP Committee passed last year.

4. For the Spring semester the Committee agreed to attempt to meet every other Monday at 2:30 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for January 26th in the FOERY CONFERENCE ROOM. (The Continuous Learning Conference Room has been reserved for subsequent meetings.)

5. Professor Fischler reported on his conversation with President M.K. Collins concerning student representation on the ARPP Committee. Apparently, there is no requirement for a Student Representative as there is with the Curriculum Committee. However, the document authorizing the creation and constitution of the ARPP Committee has not been located.

6. The Committee received from Professor Rinaman a document containing a formal "Proposal for a College-Wide Common Hour".

7. Professor Tooker updated the Committee on the activities of the sub-committee working on class room space. Both a process for input by faculty on their classroom needs and a survey on classroom needs are being considered.

8. Professor Donn reported that there had been no progress with regard to the matter of the status of librarians. The Committee agreed that closure on this issue should occur by early March.

9. Professors Donn and Krause have informed the two administrators involved of the respective processes that will be followed in evaluating their performances. However, the relevant sub-committees have not yet been formed. Professor Donn hopes to complete the evaluation of the Director of Continuous Learning by early April. The Dean will inquire from Professor Schramm about the status of the work of his sub-committee evaluating the Director of the Library.

10. Professor Donn will serve as the ARPP representative to the committee which will screen applications for the Pre-Doctoral program before the dossiers are sent to the relevant Departments for further review.

11. The Committee prioritized the first six items it will consider next semester: (1) A proposal prohibiting the departure of athletic teams from campus before Spring break; (2) A proposal on compensation for teaching laboratory courses; (3) A proposal on graduation requirements; (4) The proposal concerning the Common Hour; (5) A proposal on copy fees; (6) A proposal for a course credit option for first-year advisors.

12. Professor Fred Glennon of the CAPHE Steering Committee was present to review his committee's "Proposal for a Le Moyne College Faculty Development Program" and to answer questions. Some members of the Committee thought that the proposals contained in the document should certainly be discussed by the Committee on Research and Development. (The CAPHE committee reports to the ARPP Committee as one of its sub-committees.)

13. Professor Rinaman will serve as the Committee's Secretary for the Spring 1998 semester.

14. The Committee unanimously agreed to a proposal to adjourn. Adjournment was at 3:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Charles J. Kelly

Created: 1/28/98 Updated: 1/28/98