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This page contains documents and notices pertaining to the LeMoyne College Faculty Senate. This pageis maintained by the Secretary of the Faculty Senate. Note that this page and its contents are provided simply for the convenience of the faculty. This is not an official instrument of communication by the Faculty Senate and the texts of documents included on this homepageare not to be considered definitive.
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Faculty Senate Executive Board

President: Mary K. Collins
Vice-President/President Elect: Kathleen Nash
Secretary/Treasurer: Inga Barnello

Divisional Representatives and Chairs

Division I96-98Lynne Arnault
Division II97-99John McMahon
Division III97-98 Sherilyn Smith
Division IV97-99Raymond Bucko, S.J.
Division V96-98Antonio Eppolito
Division VI97-99John Consler
At-Large96-98Bruce Shefrin
At-Large97-99Anthony Vetrano
AVPEx OfficioKurt Geisinger
Chair, ARPP97-98Alan Fischler
Chair, CurriculumFall 97Barbara Blaszak
Chair, Elections97-98Sul-young Choi
Chair, Finance97-98Jennifer Glancy
Chair, Professional Rights & Welfare97-98Thomas Clifton
Chair, Rank & Tenure97-98Nancy Ring
Chair, Research & Development97-98William Miller

Meetings of the Executive Board and FullSenate

September 17 Reilley Room Wed. 3:30 PMExec. Board
October 7Reilley RoomTues. 3:30 PMFull Senate
(Equity Vetoes)
October 22 Reilley Room Wed. 7:30 PM Exec. Board
November 12 Reilley Room Wed. 3:30 PM Exec. Board
December 10 Reilley Room Wed. 2:00 PM Exec. Board
(Phys. Educ. req'mt)
December 12 Reilley Room Fri. 3:30 PM Full Senate
February 4, 1998Reilley RoomWed., 4:30 PMExecutive Board
March 4, 1998Reilley RoomWed., 4:30 PMExecutive Board
April 8, 1998Reilley RoomWed., 4:30 PMExecutive Board
April 29, 1998Reilley RoomWed., 4:30 PMFull Senate

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Faculty Senate Committees

Academic Relations, Policies & Procedures (7 + 1)
Minutes, 1997/98

Div. 1 Charles Kelly (97-99)
Div. 2 Alan Fischler, CHAIR (96-98)
Div. 3 William Rinaman (97-99)
Div. 4 Deborah Tooker (96-98)
Div. 5 Tom Curley (97/98)
Div. 6 Cliff Donn (96-98)
At Large Mike Krause (97-98)
Student Rep. None yet appointed

Curriculum (7 + 1 + 1)

Div. 1 Thomas Brockelman (97-99)
Div. 2 Paul Campbell (97-98)
Div. 3 Bea Robinson (97-99) (Chair, Spring '98)
Div. 4 Barbara Blaszak (96-98) (CHAIR, Fall '97)
Div. 5 I-Chene Tai (97-99)
Div. 6 Ron Wright (96-98)
At Large Rob Flower (97-98)
Ex Officio Marcia Ruwe, Academic Dean
Student Rep. TBA

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Professional Rights & Welfare (7)

Div. 1 Kathleen Nash (96-98)
Div. 2 Julie Grossman (97-99)
Div. 3 Lifang Hsu (97-99)
Div. 4 Edward Judge (97-99)
Div. 5 Janet Duncan (97-99)
Div. 6 Thomas Clifton, CHAIR (97-99)
AAUP: John Consler

Rank & Tenure (8)

Div. 1 Nancy Ring, CHAIR
Div. 2 Orlando Ocampo
Div. 3 Michael Massingale
Div. 4 Robert Kelly
Div. 5 Ted Shepard
Div. 6 Greg Lepak
At Large Neil Novelli
At Large David Bridges

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Appointed Committees

Finance (4)

Jennifer Glancy, CHAIR
Martha Grabowski
Lifang Hsu
Shawn Ward

Elections (3)

Sul-young Choi, CHAIR
Vincent W. Hevern, S.J.
John McMahon

Research & Development (7)
(See R&D home page at web.lemoyne.edu/~miller/rd/

Div. 1 Mary MacDonald
Div. 2 Raquel Romeu
Div. 3 William Miller, CHAIR
Div. 4 Douglas Egerton
Div. 5 Dixie Blackley
Div. 6 LaVerne Higgins
At Large David Lloyd

Documents of the Senate

Constitutions & By-Laws

This is an HTML rendering of the current Constitutions and By-Laws done by V. Hevern.The Constitution and By-Laws comprise Appendix A of the FacultyHandbook.

Faculty Handbook

The current version of the Faculty Handbookis under revision by the Professional Rights & Welfare Committee of the Faculty Senate. A revision of Section VI (Salaries & Benefits) will be offered in the Fall of 1998. The proposed revision (made in consultation with the AVP) will be brought before the Executive Board of the Faculty Senate. Ultimately, any changes to thehandbook must go to a vote of the full senate before it is presented to the Administration and the Trustees. Proposed Revisions will be posted here. For copies of the current document, see Maryann DeMichele, RH 303.

Agendas and Minutes

1997/98 Faculty Senate Agendas andMinutes

1996/97 Faculty Senate Minutes
1995/96 Faculty Senate Minutes
1994/95 Faculty Senate Minutes

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This page was created by VincentW. Hevern, S.J at Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY.
This page is maintained by Inga H. Barnello with the assistance of Jessica Wethje, student assistant to the Faculty Senate.

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