Minutes of ARPP Committee
February 9,1998

Present: Thomas Curley, Clifford Donn, Alan Fischler (Chair), Charles Kelly, Michael Krause, William Rinaman, Marcia Ruwe

1. Professor Fischler reported that Professor Tooker said the classroom space committee she belongs to is moving ahead. They have distributed a classroom space preference survey.

2. Professor Fischler reported that the Executive Board of the Faculty Senate voted 16-0 to reconsider the proposal to abolish the physical education requirement. The discussion will take place at a meeting in March. Professor Donn volunteered to invite Athletic Director Rockwell to attend that meeting and address the Executive Board regarding the proposal.

3. The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved.

4. Professor Fischler reported that the schedules of the athletic teams were received. He also distributed an addendum that showed a more detailed travel schedule for the women's softball team.

5. The Committee continued consideration of the CAPHE Committee's proposal for the establishment of a faculty development program. Discussion centered around the following items.

5.6 The Committee generally endorsed the goals for the program.

5.7 Concerns were voiced regarding the establishment of a permanent director/coordinator for the program.

5.8 Many felt the money allotted for the director/coordinator could be more efficiently used if it went to directly support faculty development programs.

5.9 Many of the duties envisioned for the director/coordinator are currently being performed by the Chair of the Faculty Research and Development Committee and the Academic Dean. The new duties could allotted to one of these two individuals with a possible course load reduction for the Chair of the Faculty Research and Development Committee.

The following resolution was proposed.

Resolved, that the ARPP Committee endorses the goals of the CAPHE Committee's proposal. However, the Committee has the following reservations.
1. The Committee does not believe there is a need for a Faculty Development Director/Coordinator.
2. The Committee believes the budget proposed by CAPHE could be better used for direct support of faculty development activities.

The resolution passed unanimously.

6. The Committee discussed the assignment of a priority to the proposal to establish shared faculty positions. Due to considerations regarding planning for future hiring it was felt it should be given a fairly high priority. After some discussion the majority decided to schedule it immediately after consideration of scheduling of athletic events.

7. The Committee discussed the Academic Dean's proposal for revised graduation requirements. The Curriculum Committee has more tightly defined the major as those courses taught by the major department. The new catalog will be divided into four sections: Core, Major, Major Supporting and Free Electives as each department lists its 120 hour requirements. The proposal is for the establishment of an additional requirement that, in addition to the current requirements regarding overall grade point average and grade point average in minors, mandates that students achieve a 2.0 grade point average in the newly defined major. After some discussion the following was proposed.

Resolved, that, in light of the new definition of a major as established by the Curriculum Committee, the requirements for graduation be altered to include an additional requirement that students receive an overall grade point average of at least 2.0 in their major courses.

The resolution was passed 5-1. Professor Fischler will notify the President of the Faculty Senate of this resolution indicating that we do not feel that it needs to be considered by the Executive Board of the Faculty Senate.

8. The Committee's next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 23, 1998, at 2:30 P.M. in the Continuous Learning Conference Room. The proposal regarding scheduling of athletic events will be discussed.

Respectfully submitted

William C. Rinaman

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